The Science of Dieting

A Diet Designed by you, for you

No more fads, no more gimmicks.  Let’s fix your diet once and for all.

What are the most important steps to losing weight and keeping if off?

We analyzed 5000+ Scientific Papers

And found the following 15 key insights…

01: Don't be so hard on yourself

your food environment plays a much bigger role than you realize

Weight loss failure isn’t a refection of your character or willpower

02: You have to set realistic expectations

Most people will never reach their dream weight

But that’s not what fad diet marketers will sell you

03: There are No Shortcuts

Pills, Powders, Elixirs, Supplements, and Hacks Do Not Work or provide very little return on investment (ROI)

Anything that does work is either illegal, requires a prescription or surgery

04: Nutrition is NOT a transactional service

Personal chefs, Meal plans, and personal trainers are all temporary solutions

See why you’re the only one who can fix your diet

05: You Have to be fully committed to your weight loss

weight loss cannot occur on the side

If you cannot commit 100%, now might not be the time to lose weight

06: Losing Weight requires a caloric deficit: all diets work this way

macronutrient content and meal timing does not matter

There are many other factors but none are more important than incurring a caloric deficit

07: There are Three (and Only Three) Ways to Incur a Caloric Deficit

Portion size, food frequency, and energy density

If you can control these three things, you will lose weight

08: Diet is More Important than Exercise to Lose weight

Eating calories is easy, burning them is hard

It’s nearly impossible to lose weight with just exercise

09: You have to exercise to lose weight and keep it off

Diet + Exercise > Diet > Exercise

300 minutes per week should be your ultimate goal

10: The First 3 months of your diet will determine what you weigh years from now

the majority of your weight loss occurs in the first 2-3 months

Most people start gaining weight back at 6 months

11: Eat Meal Replacements, Kits, and Delivery for the First 4-8 weeks of your Diet

Replacements, kits, and delivery are key to portion control

Make it easy to count calories and stay on track

12: Home Cooked meals are the key to your long-term success after meal replacements

eating out increases your changes of overindulging

Eat nothing but home cooked meals for 4-8 weeks to establish a new meal rhythm

13: You must self-monitor and self-weigh to stay on track

Provides constant feedback on where you are

And time to correct before it is too late

14: Identify your obstacles to healthy eating and exercise

you often know what you need to do but you just can't do it

Find out what is holding you back and choose strategies for overcoming

15: If you need help: we're here for you

there are also other very good programs to try

And programs we would recommend you steer clear of

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