Our Principles

You can read all about the details of our weight loss program on this website but we also wanted to share with you what we believe in and stand for.  The following is a list of key principles that guide us on how we operate our business and our lives.

  1. Science Built the Program: our program is not based on science, it is science. Too many weight loss programs, products, and services are built first and then justified with cherry picked facts to support their claims.  We let the science create our program, not the other way around.
  1. Comprehensive: our program is comprehensive, not piecemeal. Far too many programs, products, and services are too hyper focused on one aspect of weight loss.  Losing weight isn’t just about the food, it’s about your complex life and how you interact with your food environment.
  1. Systematic: you need to develop a “system” of eating that is relatively easy to do and repeatable. Plan, plan, plan, execute, execute, execute.  Make it a habit, make it routine, make it something that you can do over and over and over again without a Herculean effort.  Meal planning and losing weight is never “easy” but let’s try to make it “easier”.
  1. Sustainable: create a way of eating that you can do not just for a few weeks or months but for years. If the diet isn’t sustainable, you’re going to slip back into old habits, develop bad ones, and gain the weight back.
  1. Intensive, High Touch: losing weight and keeping it off is really hard. You have to be “all in” and constantly on top of it.  Too many programs offer advice with too few details, guidance, and contact.  Most people need a lot of hand holding before they can do it on their own and that’s what we’re here to offer.
  1. Realistic: we would like to see you lose between 10-20% of your initial body weight. Programs and testimonials touting more than this just are not realistic and do not represent typical results.
  1. Objectivity and Honesty: body image, ego, and self-identity are all laden with emotions. We need to try to take the emotions out of what we are doing and try looking at things honestly and objectively.  Are you trying as hard as you possibly can?  Are you exercising as much as you say you are?  Are you accurately filling out your food log?  You are not going to be perfect; no one is but take accountability and separate your ego from your actions.  Being honest and objective with yourself will help you stay on track (or get back on track) to lose weight.
  1. Transparency: we try to provide a rationale behind everything we do (as evidenced by our excessive writing, posting, and explaining).
  1. Humility: we don’t have all the answers and despite our best efforts, maybe you still will not lose weight (or as much as you’d like to lose). We need to be able to acknowledge that although we’ll do our absolute best, sometimes things just don’t work out whether due to physiological (internal) or external forces (work, life, family).
  1. We’re Not the Only Way or the “Best” Way: we’re so sick and tired of hearing people say that their product or service is “the best” or “the only” way of doing things.  There are 1000s of ways to lose weight, we’re just doing it the way that makes sense to us based on the science.
  1. Practical, Pragmatic, Solutions Not Theory or Story Based: too many people obsess over the minutiae of the right foods to eat, when and how to exercise, fat burning, and so much more. The fancy stories and narratives of fad diets and exercise routines can be fairly convincing.  Theory is comforting.  Theory is good for marketing.  But theory doesn’t help you lose weight.  Theory doesn’t show you HOW to do something.  Practical, pragmatic, systematic solutions that you can relentlessly execute day in and day out is what’s going to help you lose weight.  That’s what we’re focused on, the nuts and bolts of your day to day.
  1. Helpers not Widget Sellers: I got into this industry because I have an innate interest in metabolism and a desire to help people. I am a helper, not a businessman widget seller.  I will never sell you something that I don’t think you need.
  1. Skin in the Game with a Money Back Guarantee: far too many businesses provide a service but have no risk. They have no skin in the game.  If you fail, it’s your fault and they are on to their next client.  If I’m going to help you lose weight, we’re going to be in this together.  If you don’t lose at least 10% of your body weight, I don’t get paid.

Todd Weber, PhD