There are thousands of websites and cookbooks for you to get recipes from but where do you even start?  As part of The Science of Dieting’s Gold and Platinum memberships we wanted to give you access to the recipes that we’ve tried, tested, and curated over the years.  The recipes are the same foods that I (Todd) like to eat. 

We have 120 recipes listed and although this seems like a small number compared to the hundreds of thousands and even millions of recipes some other sites and programs offer, if you planned 4 dinners each week, it would take you 30 weeks before you ate the same food again.  This recipe list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but it can give you a good place to start.  Before purchasing a Gold or Platinum membership there are a few things you should know/limitations.  The recipes are

  • Not calorie controlled or portion controlled
  • For Phase II weight loss (not Phase I)
  • To be used with the Paprika Recipe Manager
  • Not part of a meal plan
  • Not overly descriptive (if they are mine)
  • Not gourmet, chef inspired or overly complicated (if they are mine)

The recipes are not calorie or portion controlled because they are meant to be lifelong foods, not DIET foods.  There is no restriction on fats or carbohydrates; some of the foods are low fat, some are low carbohydrate, and some are high fat/high carbohydrate.  By food logging and gaining an appreciation of where calories come from (food frequency, portions, and calorie density) it is going to be up to you to monitor and regulate your calorie intake. 

This may seem too vague/gray for some people but if you can’t get to this point, you will never be successful in losing weight and keeping it off.  You must be able to develop the skills to be able to alter ingredients and/or portions to fit your palate and calorie needs.  You can, of course, eat ketogenic, low-fat or high protein the rest of your life but to me this takes away from the pleasure of food and leads to diet monotony.

Some of the recipes are mine (or my family’s) while others are from various websites and cookbooks that I have used over the years (credit is given where credit is due; many recipes link out externally).  The intent of posting these recipes/links is for you to download them into your Paprika Recipe Manager and to then use the manager to create grocery lists and meal plan.  More meal planning resources are available in our Handouts, which I recommend you check out.  Please click the button below to learn more about the recipes.