Bridge Meal Recipes

Bridge meals are meant to “bridge the gap” between grocery shopping trips when you either have a) run out of food or b) are not able to make a recipe that you had originally shopped for but can’t make due to time or energy considerations.  The following is a list of ideas for things to keep on hand or to grocery shop for the week prior.

Bridge Meal Ideas:

  1. Baked potato (microwave)
  2. Bean burrito (refried)
  3. Breakfast burrito
  4. Canned soup
  5. Cereal
  6. Egg salad
  7. Egg sandwich
  8. Frozen Fish Sticks
  9. Frozen Pizza
  10. Grilled cheese & soup
  11. Hummus Tortilla Wrap
  12. Nachos
  13. Peanut butter & jelly
  14. Salmon & Tater Tots
  15. Sandwiches
  16. Sandwich meat in tortilla
  17. Scrambled eggs
  18. Spaghetti
  19. Tuna salad
  20. TV Dinners