The Obstacle Meter – 32: Me

32: Me

I am the biggest obstacle to my success.

The point is this: if you have truly bought in and want to make dietary changes for the better, The Obstacle Meter will help you identify where our obstacles may be and provides you with solutions for overcoming them.  If, however, you have not truly bought in, then the obstacles are no longer obstacles, they have become excuses and the first obstacle that you have to get over before you deal with anything else, is you.

The point of The Obstacle Meter is to help you objectively gauge how many obstacles you have in your life that prevent you from eating healthy.  Everyone’s life is so different and with it everyone has different obstacles that they must overcome to eat healthy.  Some people have many obstacles, some have fewer. 

If you really want to do something, are you going to be stopped?  Sure, there are things in life that we want to happen but do not happen because they are out of our control.  But that is not the case with diet.  Your diet is completely in your control.  Again, some people have more challenges than others but for the most part these challenges are just things in our way.  If we want it bad enough, we will find a way around or through these obstacles to make it happen.

If, on the other hand, you have not fully decided to make a positive change in your life and I mean fully decided, it is all or nothing, then it is not going to happen for you.  I can tell you to MAKE THE CHANGE TODAY!!…but you are the only one who can decide that.  If you are interested in making the change but not quite yet fully committed, what is holding you back?

If you want some help in figuring this out, contact us, hopefully we can help you identify what is truly holding you back so that you can power through it and become the person you were always meant to be.