The Obstacle Meter with Solutions

Welcome to The Obstacle Meter.  Please answer the following questions “Yes, I agree” or “No, I don’t agree, that doesn’t seem to apply to me” to the best of your abilities.  If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions found below, this likely means that this is an obstacle to your healthy eating and/or weight loss.  Clicking on any one of the questions below will take you to the (potential) solutions to those obstacles.

  1. Time: I do not have enough time to meal plan and prepare meals.

  2. Money: I do not have the money it takes to eat healthier or lose weight.

  3. Knowledge: I really do not know what I should be eating to be healthier.

  4. Culinary Skills & Equipment: I do not have the cooking skills, knowledge or equipment to eat healthy.

  5. Meal Planning: I could really use some help planning out meals for the week.

  6. Availability: It is not uncommon for me to run out of healthy food to prepare at home.

  7. Access: It is difficult for me to gain access to healthy food (for example: no grocery stores close to me, limited transportation, out of delivery range).

  8. Environment: My home, work or social environment is full of opportunities to eat high palatable, calorie dense food.

  9. Willpower: I lack the willpower necessary to eat healthier or lose weight.

  10. Having to Give Up Favorite Foods: I would eat healthier, but I do not want to give up my favorite foods.

  11. Work: My work and/or workplace prevents me from eating healthier.

  12. Travel: I have to travel a lot for work, and it is tough to eat healthy while on the road or at a job site.

  13. Social Network: My friends and I eat out (wine and dine) more than we probably should.

  14. Family Dynamics: The number of people in my household and their dietary preferences/requirements greatly affects my ability to eat healthy or lose weight.

  15. Hunger: The hunger that I feel when I am on a diet prevents me from eating healthier or losing weight.

  16. Palatability: Healthy food does not taste good and/or is monotonous to me.

  17. Snacking: Snacking on junk food is part of my daily routine.

  18. Food Reward: Some people eat to live, and others live to eat.  I live to eat.

  19. Portion Sizes: I have trouble controlling how much I eat at one sitting.

  20. Caloric Density: I tend to eat foods that are savory (contain lots of fat AND carbohydrate).

  21. Eat Out Too Often: I probably eat more meals out than I should be eating out to be healthy or lose weight.

  22. Boredom: I often eat or drink (alcohol or other calorie containing beverages) because I am bored.

  23. Stress: I often eat or drink (alcohol or other calorie containing beverages) because I am stressed.

  24. Depression: I have been pretty depressed over the past month.

  25. Sleep: I tend to wake up feeling tired in the morning like I could use a couple extra hours of sleep.

  26. Vigor: At the end of the day I am way too tired to cook.

  27. Exercise: I tend to not get enough exercise in on a weekly basis.

  28. Priority: Healthy eating has not been too high of a priority for me recently.

  29. Support: I lack the support I need to make a lasting dietary change.

  30. Accountability: I could really use someone to hold me more accountable to my diet.

  31. Willingness/Desire to Cook: I have little to no desire to cook.

  32. Me: I am the biggest obstacle to my success.

Don’t see your obstacle here?  Please let us know and we’ll add it!